TexLang is a cloud based Language Technology Platform enabling rapid delivery of high quality localization for customers.The TexLang family of products would also include - Input tools, Translation & Proofing tools, Mobile App Framework for localization, Fonts, Themes, Terminology DB, Lexicon, GeoPol checkers, Style Guides, Thesaurus, Dictionaries, Iconography, Imagery among others to help our customers to deliver a very high quality customer experience in the language of their choice. All these products can also be licensed independently also for our B2B customers.

For markets in Asia and Africa and in other parts of the world, a vast majority of the consumer audience & businesses remains untapped. Dissemination of both offline & online content on products & brand communication remains a challenge. Language is the primary barrier for access to these audiences. New age businesses, inherently have to approach these new audiences if they want to expand markets and user base. TexLang from Megdap aims to remove that language barrier & digital divide.

TexLang is a Language Technology Platform from Megdap. TexLang enables end-users to experience a brand in a language and platform of their choice. TexLang offer its customers a state of the art platform enabling rapid delivery of high quality localization in domains spread across software development, ecommerce, marketing, content and finance, amongst other. TexLang works to create tailored experiences for our customers

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If you want to speak the language of your customers. If you want to reach new audience. If you want to create localized customer experience. If you want to increase your customer interactions with your products & brands. If want a better ROI on your Marketing efforts. If you want to make your content localization efforts impeccably simple, then you should be talking to us.

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